Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Crystal Vases - A Borblick Analogy

Although this short diversion does not directly involve the Borblick children, it is a warm example of how Lena trusts and depends upon the Lord she loves. It is also an analogy as to how God can take something damaged, ruined beyond use, and replace it with something brand new; similar to how damaged orphans (or any person for that matter) can be changed from an “old (or ruined) man” into a “new (restored) man” through God’s wonderful grace and mercy.

Lena had been given two crystal vases. Normally, Lena would not give much value to worldly things, but these two vases were special mementos. The first had been given to her by her father. The second had good memories of when her children were young.

The second vase was broken when Lena put lilac flowers into it. In Ukraine, it is known that hot water will make these blooms last longer. Lena had already put a small amount of cold water into the vase, but when she poured in the very hot water, the vase shattered. She was very sad about that, but she still had the other crystal vase which was her father’s gift. Vase #2 gone!

That vase was stored in the room where Yuri (the second orphan boy) was living. At night, he began to use this vase as a urinal. It began to smell terrible. One day, Sergey took the vase and smashed it because he felt it was beyond rescuing. Lena tried to argue with him but he would not listen. Vase #1 gone!

Several days later, an acquaintance of Lena’s came by their home. She brought with her a vase, identical to the one destroyed by the hot water. She explained to Lena that she did not understand why she had bought this vase because she did not need it. So, she offered to give it to Lena. Vase #2 restored!

A few days later, Lena’s mother also was out shopping and found a duplicate of the vase her father had given her years before. Because her mother recognized the vase, she bought it and gave it to Lena also. Vase #1 restored!

Lena says that this was God’s joke to her, because it is an example of how God works with us. The children Lena brings into their home are often like one of these vases, damaged, broken, smashed. But through God’s love, they are able to be restored.

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